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Stone Shire is finally on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U. It is an exciting time for us, and I’m glad to see it being enjoyed by people already. However, our work here isn’t done, as there’s much more we need to add to this game to make it better. If you have noticed on the title screen, there is a 1.0 underneath the dwarf of the logo. That is because we have many updates planned for the next few months.

That includes:
– Adding an elf race
– New lighting system with light and shadow
– Daytime and Nighttime transitions
– Water and lava
– Animals and monsters, such as goblins and drow (which you can run into underground)
– Weapons, such as swords, lances, shields, and bows
– More objects to decorate your structures
– More map types, such as a tropical island and a mystical forest
– More block types
– Block breaking animation
– Improving animations
– Increased draw distance
– Increased map size
– More music to listen to
– Invert X and Y controls for our invert players

I hope you look forward to these, and we will constantly keep you updated on the progress of these features to come here on Miiverse. We will also hold an Q&A in the future. We look forward to your participation, and thank you for playing Stone Shire. I hope to make this game into something great for everyone to enjoy with your help.

9 thoughts on “Stone Shire Future Update List”

  1. would like to visit other worlds
    better jumping
    for building purpose jet pack to put snow in sky like clouds or remake a tree
    would pay for massive overhaul of game if it becomes something
    how about tower defense mode like a mini game?
    3rd person view!

  2. Some of the blocks look a little bland, so if you could improve on them in the Europe release/1.1 or whatever that would be great.

    1. Oh and will the update allow multiple bioms in one setting instead of just one selected biom, will their be Armor and transportation because currently we cant run in this game.

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