Water is now working as intended. It runs fast on the pc, but on the Wii U, mesh building lags the game. Because it has to update all neighbor chunks during water flowing, I had to put a delay on it and the water flowing. Not an easy thing to get around, but it may just be something that has to be a thing.

Still no pictures as of yet due to water textures being in progress.

More Lighting

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Improved the lighting model so that the ambient occlusion spreads to all blocks, giving the scene nice depth. Eventually, when I code in daylight/ night changing, you can see the difference it will make when changing the ambient color and lighting. The Nintendo Wii U should make the effects look nicer if I code this correctly. One day, I may even be able to add better shader effects, such as bloom and depth of field and not have it bog down my fps! Then I can truly make it look better than Minecraft.