Stone Shire – Water Progress Report

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I’m one step closer to the first patch for my voxel game available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop. And let me tell you, this was quite the task. I took inspiration from the water techniques in Minecraft. It really is a handy game design feature for simulating water in a simple way. The water flow until it runs out of “flow,” but it resets when it starts falling, allowing creation of things like waterfalls. It’s handy mostly for not having to deal with actual water simulation like water pressure, which would be a challenge to get it working reliably on the Wii U alongside other CPU-intensive processes. I figured it was worth the sacrifice of realism.

The video below shows the use of the water. Update 1.1 will be coming very soon.

Water is now working as intended. It runs fast on the pc, but on the Wii U, mesh building lags the game. Because it has to update all neighbor chunks during water flowing, I had to put a delay on it and the water flowing. Not an easy thing to get around, but it may just be something that has to be a thing.

Still no pictures as of yet due to water textures being in progress.

Stone Shire coming to Europe August 27 2015

It took a few months, but I am happy to say that Stone Shire is getting released in Europe next Thursday. I consider this an achievement due to this being an international release, but Nintendo kept the release smooth throughout the way, so I am thankful for their assistance. It’s quite a thing to think that this game is coming out on the other side of the world. Pretty exciting. My next goal is getting the game to Japan. Now that’s going to be an obstacle course.

Stone Shire 1.1 Upcoming Update: Lighting

This video is a test of the new vector lighting for the torch and lighting system coming in Update 1.1 for Stone Shire for the Nintendo Wii U. In the game, you can carry around a torch that will dynamically light the area around you. When you set a torch on a wall or on the ground, it will light up the area around it. Having two hands is pretty useful. You can watch the youtube video linked to the post for a more realtime demonstration. All of the content is still in development and may change.

For our friends over the Atlantic, Stone Shire will be released in Europe by Fall.