Another Night

Spent the evening finetuning the dialogue system. Decided to try the Paper Mario way of having the dialogue hover above the speaker. We’ll add the graphical tail like a comic book later.

In other news, we haven’t been getting the funding we thought we would through paypal. So the second launch of the Suplex Saga kickstarter really will tell if the project can come out sooner or much later. The demo headlighting it will hopefully let it do better. We’re also going to be scaling down our donation goal, as it seems it was too ambitious and likely scared potential backers. This will also mean we’ll have to scale back our project to whatever we receive. The campaign is planned next year.

We still haven’t gotten ourselves yet on the Nintendo Switch, but based on talks between us and Nintendo, we may be getting an opportunity in January. If that goes well, we’ll be able to finally bring Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese to it, along with Suplex Saga. We’ll be bringing other new projects we want to try to it, too. Keep the fingers crossed.