Stone Shire – New Mob: Floof

Welcome back to another weekly update for Stone Shire. Today, we have the Floof. It is a fluffy creature that grazes grass. It is a docile creature, as long as you do not provoke it. You can cut its wool coat off to use as a crafting material. If you do this, you will have to wait a while before it regrows it again. Having a small farm of Floof will give you a replenishing source for this material. If you decide to defeat it, instead, you can get Hoofs for crafting and meat for eating.


Stone Shire – New Mob: Mori

For our weekly progress, we’re designing and implementing new mobs and tools for the upcoming update. We’ll be posting more information as they come to completion over the coming weeks.


For now, let me introduce you to the Mori! This is a caterpillar-like creature that hangs out in trees. It is a peaceful creature, as long as you do not try to attack it. Each mob in the game will drop a specific item that will be essential to crafting a lot of cool stuff in Stone Shire. The Mori has silkthread, which is used for crafting, and Mojiberries, a fruit meant to replenish health, and may also be used for crafting. There are two ways to get items from the Mori. You can either harvest its items that it leaves near where it lives periodically, giving you a replenishing resource as days pass. Or you can defeat it, and get a large sum of resources. But if you do this, you will be unable to get anymore from this Mori unless another one spawns on a later day.